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What we do

Amidst the never-ending sea of condo developments, on the fringe of mainstream urban planning, beneath the cover of darkness, Urban Design Guerillaz (UDG) are coming together to transform the neglected into the unexpected.

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Overgrown gardens. Abandoned parks. Underused community spaces. If something's broke, then fix it. tag it.

Engage the community. Come together. Share ideas through creative workshops and design jams. Inspire action. pop it

Grab your tools. Bring your friends. Witness the power of the collective in action. Change can happen overnight. hack it.


Our guerillaz have helped fix up raw spaces. Click on a project to find out more. If you have a project you need help with, just drop us a line.

  • Driftwood
  • St. Albans Boys & Girls Club

    Working with the St.Alban’s Boys and Girls Club, the UDG team overhauled a drop-in-centre and transformed it into a vibrant multi-purpose space.

    Learn More Children hanging out at the Driftwood Drop In Centre
  • Palmerston
  • St Albans Boys & Girls Club

    UDG is currently working with the Palmerston Boys and Girls club to reimagine their media room.

    Learn More Children and adults at the St. Albans Boys & Girls Club
  • Neptune Community Room
  • Neptune/Lawrence Heights Community

    Next up, UDG is working in the Neptune/Lawrence Heights area, along with community animators, and the Neptune Revitalization Group (NRG) to revamp, and reimagine timeworn multi-purpose community spaces.

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UDG are doers, collaborating to reimagine our cities one space at a time. We are artists, activists, architects, designers, engineers, hackers and planners making change happen in your backyard - flash mob style.

Karen Shaw, co-founder

Creative thinker/producer with international experience in all things media. From Hollywood productions to Nollywood docs, reality television and multimedia content, Karen is a storyteller first and foremost and a Doer on any platform.

Amos Shaw, co-founder

Since the dawn of the new millennium, Amos has been adding sparkle and wow through is award winning interactive design work. Amos loves using his superpowers to help good people do good things (He also loves ice cream)

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Join us

Calling all activists, artists, rebels and do-ers. Action is coming to your neighbourhood. Get involved and join the Movement. Become an Urban Design Guerilla.



Good work future Guerilla! You've taken the first step towards making your community a better place to be.

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